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A good outcome... crossing fingers

Posted By: 2close

A good outcome... crossing fingers - 03/14/19 01:38 PM

I finally received the outcome of the hearing I lost but that what was expected.
However the Judge did not allow the Realtor to reduce the price on the house as she wanted and most likely expected.
She was only granted to reduce the house $900. for a month then reduce it $10,000. a month instead of reducing it every 2 weeks as this Realtor want to do.
I am waiting to hear back from my Lawyer for I have questions about the court order.
I need to go over it completely and want to fully understand it as to prevent me of agreeing to something that I had misunderstood in the past with the divorce agreement.
The Realtor has sent me a e-mail of the court order results but applied a reduction contract to be signed.
However she had also applied a 6 month renewal of her staying on as the listing agent.
I do not want her to continute on for I still feel she does not have my best interest at hand.
When I spoke to her she even had the audacity to claim that she did not need my signature on the contract that it was just a cursory on her part.
I of course called her on that and which I will make my lawyer aware of this.
I had also told her she was very unprofessional when she claimed that she could not get in touch with me on the phone.

My answer well remark was well if that was the case why wasn't an email sent to me, she had no problem in the past to send emails to the lawyers basicallycrying to them.
This is why I claimed of her of not acting professionally.
She has and still keeps threating me that she will be sending a letter to the lawyers and courts.
I will not sign this contract until I speak to my lawyer to see if I am forced to keep her as the listing agent?
I have talk to her associate that has taken over showing of the house and all and that I will abide the order of the 1st reduction but only for that.
The contract needs to be rewritten and the renewal date of staying the listing agent needs to be removed.
I explain to her that I had got myself into this mess because I didn't understand totally on what I agreed to in the past with the settlement.
I went on that I was not comfortable with signing anything until I speak to my Lawyer.

I have a couple coming in Sunday morning to see the house.
They are a friend's brother of my daughter.
They were here for the last Open House held and want to see it again.
They were not working with a Realtor so I suggest that they get in contract with the first Realtor, which they had.
I feel the 1st Realtor's effort and work of trying to get the house on the market then having to deal with XH's bull forcing her out that she
at least can have the opportunity of getting some kind of payment if she can get the house sold.
I have talk to this potential buyer and we dicussed a price.
He asked if I would be willing to accept $20,000 less, which I did agree to.
I figured I would rather take this lost than risk having this court order realtor keep reducing the price and end up losing a lot more.
I am still getting most of what I put into the house back.

It may sound a little petty but with the XH living 100 feet away I'm sure he will be watching when the couple comes.
So when XH sees the 1st realtor arriving along with them I'm sure he will not be happy about it.
XH has to be notified of showings and anything that pretains to the house so ypu can count on XH watching and surly the OW as well.

Anyhow I am trying not to count my chickens before they hatch but if this couple buys the house I will not have to deal with anymore
of this aggveration and then I can move on and be done with this once and for all.

So I guess I will see what conspires Sunday.
Posted By: catperson

Re: A good outcome... crossing fingers - 03/14/19 03:05 PM

Crazypants. Good job staying sane.
Posted By: Blair

Re: A good outcome... crossing fingers - 03/14/19 10:01 PM

Wow. Yes, you're doing a great job treading water in that legal ugliness. Hang in there.
Posted By: whatsupdoc?

Re: A good outcome... crossing fingers - 03/16/19 12:48 PM

Do the best you can with the ruling handed down.
Do not tell the couple seeing the house this weekend about the troubles - It may encourage them to wait.

Realtors are licensed by the state. Filing a complaint does little good, but is satisfying.
You do not have to renew her.
After contract / sale is over - her reputation is made by feedback. Make sure she gets what she deserves.
Posted By: Kayla

Re: A good outcome... crossing fingers - 03/16/19 10:11 PM

Is she the broker/owner of the real estate office? If not, at the end of the contract, when you've aligned with a different realtor, go in and have a sit down with the broker and tell him/her what this gal is pulling on gutting the price at the beginning of peak selling season and your other concerns. That way the boss knows why the contract went away and he can either train her or invite her to move on. I'd do that in addition to a YELP review.
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