Hi everyone and happy Friday Eve,

This server migration will happen within the next 10 days - most likely this weekend - and should not result in any downtime. However, there's always a small risk, so I want everyone to be aware.

DO NOT PANIC if you experience slow response times or cannot reach the server. I'm working in conjunction with GoDaddy to validate the results and make sure everything comes back up with no data loss.

Marriage Advocates has initiated a server migration with GoDaddy. We will be moving to better hardware, which will come (at no cost) with additional memory, disk space, back-up retention, and lots of other goodies.

The best part is that they want us off of the old hardware, so that they can de-commission it and replace it with updated hardware that meets market demands (competes for business).

They've also lowered their monthly server fees significantly, so we will be getting a contract extension.

I'll have the full details available once they are finalized.

Thanks for your patience,
(In her role as CTO)

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