Good suggestions, Neddie, thanks.

I think I did the right thing for me last night, which was to detach. Capitulating and saying "let's think of a name for your company..." etc..wouldn't have worked for us. For one thing, it would be difficult for me to deliver this in a neutral tone and for the other, I believe he would have taken this as some other subversive message for me and an argument would have ensued. So detaching was the right thing for me to do and I am happy that I have that tool in my arsenal these days.

He was angry this morning...I have told him (yes, via email...) that a longtime friend whom I haven't seen in 25+ years, is coming to town this weekend. We lost touch with each other but recently reconnected via Facebook. H does not know her...I haven't spoken to her since early dating days w/ H as she moved overseas and then I lost contact.

So my plan is to pick her up at the airport and then we're going to spend 2 nights at the beach (crappy timing with this hurricane bearing down on us...LOL). And then we'll spend the third day in the city and then come home. This morning he said "well you never TOLD me any of this (meaning he only saw it in an email). I didn't rise to that bait.

He took his car this AM (the only one of our vehicles that is really somewhat road-worthy) and I was trying to figure out if the other car would be ok. But I got a text from him about switching cars, so it appears he has had some second thoughts on that!