I just never know what to say anymore. Kids came home with the usual first-day-of-school emergency contact paperwork cards today. I have *always* filled these out. Phone numbers for mother, father, place of employment, best number to try first, health insurance, neighbor contact, etc.

I entered my name, my work, my numbers. I entered his name and his number. Left work blank.

He comes over to me...he's very angry and upset. Says "I just saw this. My name and...nothing. Is this what you think of me? This goes back to our children's school, in this small town where we live. So everyone knows our business (this is a big thing with him..he's convinced everyone knows his dirty laundry and hates him).

I said "I filled out the forms the way I always do. When you are working, I put in your place of employment. You are not working."

Again, it turned back to "is this what you think of me?"

I said "I think I have to turn in the correct information to the schools"

And he started to tell me how I was airing dirty laundry, etc. I had to stop the conversation.


He needs more help than I can give him. I have suggested counseling but he refuses. It's another reason I have to extract myself.

I really am working on it. I just want to do it as painlessly as possible. I know it might not be possible. And I know it won't be as quickly as some people think I should do it.