Like NED I am a bit torn, part of me thinks if he got the right shock he might wake up to what he is loosing, the other part of me thinks he's just one of those who is always the victim and there is nothing that can be done.

I would prefer if you separated BEFORE you turn into one of those people who hate their XS so much they only ever speak of them to vilify them. Bitter and twisted is not wholesome to the soul yanno. I have a friend - sweetest woman in the world. Get her talking about her X an man! Hate oozes out of her.

OTOH I remember setting myself a time period of 2 years to stick out my M. Nearly left a few times, but made it to it.

Don't mind me. I am a Libra. Everything has to be weighed grin

AKA Lildoggie

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