My children have me quarantining in place. I believe it would be easier to escape from East Berlin in the '70's than to get past them. Since I dislike intensely anyone telling me what to do, I'm constantly plotting to get around the restrictions. But I'll be good.

I did have an epiphany. I look at my health history and think "man, you are strong --you got through all that, you'll get through the coronavirus" and my family looks at my health history and thinks "OMG, she has no immune system." Hence their hysteria.

Like everyone else I'm having a hard time keeping myself entertained. I don't have a hobby to speak of. I've designed a vertical garden for a back wall in the yard but I'm not allowed to go to Home Depot for materials. Hilary Mantel just came out with her new book (FINALLY!) so I'm making myself start the trilogy over before I can read the third. I started making sourdough bread but my husband doesn't really like it.

I confess I popped into a weed distributor and picked up some gummies for the coming weeks in the house alone with my husband. I'm still allowed to take walks so I'm doing a lot of that.

The baby is PERFECT and beautiful and funny and enormous. I'm not allowed to see him though which is really rough.

How is everyone else holding up?

Bidden or not bidden God is present.