Grandma LG,

Aloha no kahi keikikane hou (translation: Congratulations for your new baby boy)!!!!

So happy for you and love the name Oliver. We had a family friend many years ago and his name was Oliver, his wife's name was Olive. Isn't that cute? smile

8 lbs 11 oz and 22 inches? That's a big boy. Mine was 7 lb 12 oz and I thought he was big. Never felt like I had a little one. When he turned or moved, so did I. eek smile

As for those boxes you mentioned, maybe time to downsize? It's a challenge for me emotionally and physically. Yet with each improvement it becomes easier. I just posted to CP about 'self-worth'. I think we all could use some encouragement in that regard.

Btw, my house like my life isn't big enough to warehouse unnecessary emotions or boxes. There may have been a time where we thought those things were necessary but as we mature, we find some are not so necessary, maybe they never were necessary. That's my POV and while it is challenging, the air around me is improving.......circulation of life is better as a result. wink

Hugz to you and your new addition. Glad his mom is getting acquainted with motherhood and embracing it with care and love.

Glad to hear your son is working on his health. Mine seems to be headed in that direction. He is making some improvements since returning from his grandfather's funeral in CA. Positive improvements including opening up and talking about his feelings. smile

All the best to you and your family,