It’s not clear given half my post disappeared when I tried to edit it, but y’all are misunderstanding. Fergie serves as my welcome ice water — I need and welcome his wake up calls!

I appreciate everyone who is bothered to click on my story and respond. I’m limited in my replies because I can only access the site through my phones history — otherwise google tells me it’s an unsafe site and won’t open it. I’m assuming everyone has this issue. The “quote” feature doesn’t work on my phone so I have a hard time responding individually.

Have a good day my dear friends. I count on you more than I can say. My daughters baby shower is this weekend and I’m going to focus on that today and finding joy in wrapping baby presents in blue paper. Also, I’m having 35 people for dinner at my house on Sat nite for the after shower party so better get going on that!

Bidden or not bidden God is present.