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As an update, he has promised to stop. Hahahahaha. My mama didn’t raise no fool. OTOH he didn’t get all defensive and mean when I told him about the vomiting and told me the wedding caused him to realize he should be a better husband.

We shall see.

I'm proud of you for returning his honesty with some of your own. That took real courage, LG.

The way that I interpret this is that he finally knows that you have indeed been punished. My opinion is that had you not informed him that you have been punished at every wedding since the affair that he would continue to punish you at the next wedding.

Promising to stop is a really big step. I'm not sure that he can stop just like that but I find it encouraging that he has expressed to you that he wants to stop.

Imho, he won't be able to stop if you don't. Imho, the best gift and support you can give your H while he learns how to stop punishing you is for you to stop punishing yourself and live like you deserve every good thing. Because you both do. smile