All my boundary work is coming in very handy:

1. It is what it is and it was what it was before I ever knew there was an "it".

2. Much of what ails me has been there silently all along.

3. "That's not what happened" in the face of anything resembling second guessing.

4. I have "X" amount of energy to spend on this, this being "Y". X may be greater than or equal to Y but in no event will X be greater than Y. Y is a constant and X is the variable.

5. Boundaries, once established, do and should shift constantly, sometimes suddenly, sometimes incrementally. It's part of learning and growing.

6. "Never" is, once again, out of my vocabulary.

7. I skipped the five minutes between the time that my body was psychological enemy in telling me my body was there to look good, and my physical enemy in that (a) it's trying to kill me, and (b) putting fat where it has no business being. I need to learn to speak nicely to it. Treat is like a dear friend who needs my support.

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