If they're having this many problems before they get married--what happens when they get past the "honeymoon"? Or don't get one at all? If she's bored now, she'll hate him in year. Houses can be sold. That might not be what either of them want to do--but a house is not worth long-term unhappiness. I think this guy deserves someone who appreciates the good qualities he can bring to the table and a partner who isn't bored by his niceness. I think she deserves someone who isn't depressed or unavailable. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with your friend. I'm just saying she isn't "into" him enough to marry him. If she's not absolutely bat-carp crazy about this guy right now--I seriously doubt it will get better. Why give it six months? Why not separate and see how that goes instead? See if they can find their way back to each other. They'll either realize how much they need each other--or be relieved they didn't pull the trigger. They aren't married yet--and THIS is the time to find out if they're happier apart. I hope she will NOT spend the next six months trying to make this work when her heart isn't in it.

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