there is so much more to you and your life than the relationship between you and your husband. (This goes for you too Hold!!)

I had this problem too for awhile. I kept coming back to seeing myself only through the lens of my relationship with Daryl. I don’t do it anymore. I’m so much more. I’m everything. I don’t ever see myself through a single lens now. It keeps me from getting dragged into the abyss.

Yes I get sad moments. Mad moments. Crazy moments. But they cannot endure because I’m ALL my parts. And all my facets need my attention.

All your facets need your attention LG. That’s how you shine. And you DO shine. You’re a rare and precious thing. Don’t forget for a second that you are.

When we open to this moment and don't judge it or try to change it, even when we're suffering and wish it were otherwise, we tap into the spaciousness of mind that allows us to move forward skillfully, with discernment and joy. -- Sharon Salzberg