I'm very sorry for your daughter's miscarriage and loss. Glad you are there for her. I know many others need and appreciate your help but remember you can only physically be in one place at a time but you can keep in touch with all our other technological devices and that can also help others. hug

So I'd like to share with you what my cousin just sent me this morning. Not many of my relatives have anything to do with me anymore, that's ok. This cousin is a real sweetheart and what she sent is very encouraging, I'd like to share it with you but since I don't know how to post this picture, it's embedded in the link. I just posted this on OBL's thread and hope it is helpful for you as well:

My cousin just sent me this:
Coping with Anxiety Tools

I don't know how to paste just that one picture, so please disregard the additional FB tabs.

My response: Anxiety happens to more people than we know. Each person's reaction will vary. Many don't even realize they are having an anxiety attack and in some cases it can happen repeatedly for days, weeks and months. I know, it happened to me. I visited a physician who helped me by sharing some tapping techniques that helps even children. This can be added to the tools mentioned above. You can go online regarding tapping. Google 'tapping for anxiety' and watch some videos. It is free to learn the basics and sometimes that's enough to help a person cope.

Hope this helps,