Very sorry to hear of your mom's accident. Our experiences may vary but for those who refrain from informing family updated on the health of relatives is cruel and inhumane.

I side with telling and let the recipient decide what to do with that info. That releases blame that becomes the guilt of not telling. In my case, wife 2 and my sister made the decision not to inform me of my father's health and death. That is guilt they will carry for the rest of their lives.
I have no intention of relieving them of that guilt as long as their attitude goes in that direction.

The life of all of us is important. Not all live that way or treat others as such but we can only control how we make our choices.

I have learned I can't control all circumstances to make the best choices. I have to recognize that some will make bad choices that can turn my world upside down. My job is to keep my world right side up as much as possible.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Take care,