This gets worse and worse.

Mother fell in the shower and is in ICU with broken ribs and I am not speaking to any of my siblings over the issue. I get all my info through my husband -- that "Block Caller" feature is really handy and works!

They are OK with my mother dying trapped under the coffee table or laying cold and alone in the shower -- no skin off my nose.

In a related event, I discovered that I have a first cousin named Elizabeth from my 23 & Me results.

I don't have a first cousin. My father was an only and my mother's only brother never had children.

My flights of fancy have me adopted. It would explain a whole lot. I mean A LOT. So many things that never made sense make sense.

I know it's just a fantasy but it would be really, really cool if it were true. So very cool.


Bidden or not bidden God is present.