It is truly hard when a parent makes choices to hurt themselves and tries to manipulate others around them. It is very sad.

Was your mom using it as a bargaining tool to say yes so she could get you to do a plan she wanted vs needed?

Your decision is one you need to stand by knowing the consequences. I know I had to stand by my decision and it has been hurtful to watch how much one's own parent's (father in my case) was willing to die with his proud anger and hate with minions in tow.

My heart aches but my conscience is clear. That was my only take away in my case. Still if I was to do it over again with the limited knowledge I had then, the decision would have been the same. I couldn't control and help in my father's health and welfare interests because he refused to let me. I had to accept that decision even if it meant his care and estate went to a greedy wife2 and my selfish sister.

Glad you have your sister to work with and be each other's supporter. You will need to rely on each other during this time.

Take care,

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