Well, we had an entire 24 hours when mother had agreed to go to assisted living, then she changed her mind.

She is still in the hospital. They agreed to keep her pending transfer to an assisted living facility. Because it is not medically necessary for her to be there, it is anticipated she will be discharged today.

My long suffering saint of a sister has had enough. She is done enabling, a position I advocated when Daddy died.

My sister told mother she isn't going home on her watch, that she will have to call a cab, and that my sister is taking her name off of the LifeAlert, etc.

My sister told mother that she had promised my dad that she would take care of mother and since she won't let me sister honor that promise, my sister is no longer going to participate in a plan that puts mother in danger.

My sister also told me not to come as she doesn't want mother to think anyone is going to bale her out.

My only interest here is supporting my sister. I'm a human being so I don't want my mother to die an unnecessarily horrible death, but honestly beyond that I don't much care. I've said good bye to mother.

Time for church with my daughter!

Bidden or not bidden God is present.