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LG, there was an AWESOME show on today on NPR's Forum with Max Boot, who has a new book out about why he left the Republican party. I literally had a 15-minute driveway moment because I couldn't stop listening. He is so eloquent and spot on about what's wrong with the GOP, it's scary.
You mean Max Boot the Neo-Con who was so spectacularly wrong about the Iraq War? For an egg-head intellectual, he has been wrong so many times why would anyone listen to him? The only person more wrong, more often would be Bill Kristol and ole Max has man-crush on him.

A couple of dubya era cronies pouting they can't talk us into more wars...
Yes, exactly that Max Boot. He spends quite a bit of time in the podcast apologizing for buying into the WMD hype and helping to lead us down that path. And explaining the 'brainwashing' and hatred involved in being a Republican of the past 30 years. And I am listening to him for exactly that reason - he SEES his errors, apologizes for them, and tries to make up for them. Can we all say the same?