I am terrified by the machinations of the Republicans. I don't even pretend to listen to or watch neutral news content any more. I don't think it's that we have to hate; I think that we have to be determined to take our country back.
I too, have sworn never again to vote for a Republican in this lifetime. Never.
I trained with the ACLU to go into one of our local prisons to interview detainees, but didn't get assigned before they closed that holding station.I called my senators to demand answers about the children held in LA county. I give selectively to social justice causes.

I'm deeply, deeply enraged by what I see happening. But I don't need the ugly of hate in my soul to know how to vote and whom to call and when to protest and where to contribute.

The night I saw Rachel weeping for her children on live TV, unable to finish her broadcast, broke something in me. But it made me much, much more determined.

If you don't know the reference, look it up. It might give you chills.