Thanks for the link Chrys. I LOVE Anne Lamott.

But she's just wrong this time. Rare, but true.

Hate wins. It just does. Look at MB if you don't believe me. The coin of the realm there is hate. They seriously hate everyone. They hate the unfaithful spouse (understandable) and they hate the faithful spouse who can't or won't tow the party line.

Hate wins. I want to win.

We have to hate more than the Republicans do with their HATE of these desperate people heading to our border from the south. Brown people.

We have to hate more forcibly and vocally.

In this world at this time, you can't meet hate with love and expect you are going to come out still on the playing field.

You are a lawyer. You know how crystal clear it is that the Republican party is intent on destroying the underpinnings of our democracy for oligarch rule, like Russia. It's friggin NEON to anyone who is paying attention.

This is not a drill.

I don't believe in much of anything anymore. John shot himself, Mike tried to die and Daddy died right in front of my eyes and I stopped -- somewhat like running into a wall at 100 mph -- believing in God. I stopped believing in my country when Spanky was elected. I stopped believing in me when I had an affair. I stopped believing in my husband when I thought he was going to hit me when I paid for my daughter's puppy's hospitalization for Parvo.

Maybe I'll be energized and redeemed by the baby. I can tell you there is I wouldn't do for my children or theirs.

It feels weird to me that I'm part of the 1% and I still hate so much. I'd give it up tomorrow -- or at least most of it -- to see those refugees safe.

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Bidden or not bidden God is present.