LG, so excited for you. And I get you about raising Democrats. I got my love for all people from my mom, who raised me to never see color, never see bad in people, and to always help anyone I see needs it. That's who I am.

And then she went to work as a nurse for the state prison system for 10 years. By the time she retired, she hated all black people, trusted nobody, and questioned (because of lawsuits) whether she would ever stop and help a wounded citizen. By the time she died at 76, she was a devout Republican and we couldn't see eye to eye on anything. It was so sad; I felt like we barely had anything we could talk about. And then Fox came along and my once-normal brother turned into a rabid attack dog, hating even the mention of Democrats. His wife even divorced him over his intolerance. It's been a rough 20 years, going through that with them.

You just never know, right?