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My daughter is pregnant! I can't tell ANYONE but I can tell y'all!

Deciding to have a baby in this environment to my mind shows breathtaking hope and courage.

AND, I have been waiting almost TWO WHOLE YEARS to vote a straight democratic ticket and I got to do that today!

Take THAT dotard.

Although I have to confess that Spanky has turned me into a lazy voter -- I'll never, ever, ever EVER vote for a Republican candidate again.

OK, my loathing of Republicans has gotten out of hand, I have cut them from my life to a person. It feels really good, like excising gangrenous tissue. But this can't possibly be right. We are, after all, still Americans....

except for THEM.

Hey -- I'm self aware and working on it, but nonetheless told my husband I want nothing to do with his family. Period. End of discussion.

Which also feels good, but can't actually BE good.

If my dentist or my lady doctor were overtly R, I wouldn't do business with them. I actually try to figure that out before I commit.

I'm going to raise my grandchild to be a dem. To care about those less fortunate, to care about their community, to sacrifice being a billionaire (hey, I'm about to win the Megamillions) in favor of keeping old people from eating cat food to afford their medications.

I'm going to be Nana and all feels right with the world.

Congrats my friend. Focus on the baby and let the politics go. Babies are wonderful.