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The decision to go public or not is a personal one. Respect for the person making that decision is the important point.

Public scrutiny is cruel. The predator will hide in as many places and excuses they can squeeze into. The victim doesn't have that much cover so the risk to being attacked again and triggering the experience again is high.

Still in some cases, the bold stance to do so despite knowing the harsh options have in turn benefited and encouraged those who feel they need to go public. Going public isn't always in the news, some are and many are not. Going public may be restricted to places like MA, friends, work , neighbors, school, etc which widens the pool of people who now know. It may include the utility companies, police, baby sitters, credit card companies, the tax offices, etc.

The point is that it is an option that is ok to have. Respect the victim's decision and know it can change. We do that here on MA. We respect when a BS says they are not going to tell anyone or not do anything. We may individually not agree but we respect the decision and don't browbeat the victim.

What we are able to do by their asking questions and revealing some details, it helps give an direct or general guideline so the victim(s) can make better decisions going forward.

There is no one way answer, even if we think it should be. That is part of the challenge regarding victims, their rights, their options and the choices they make.

We have been doing that primary function here on MA. Many have benefitted from this site and support. In some cases, it has helped the victim move forward and put better practices in place so the victim status lessens and becomes a teaching tool going forward.


Well sure everyone needs to do what is best for them. I was just responding to LGs point that no way she would say a word. I feel like she does. I have told all the people I think need to know.