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I told my husband that if the man/boy that assaulted me was suddenly up for an important job I am positive I would not say a word. I mean, if my own then husband didn't believe me when he was THERE why would I expect total strangers to believe me. In fact, if my brother had not been there I might even doubt it myself.

.......and yet a very important book encourages a woman to scream for help. This may not always be possible but it is one of the resistance tactics we all have. Sometimes resistance seems to encourage the rapist. There are various methods that can be used. Once I played like I was too weak, not fighting or interaction. I became listless. That came after I was fighting off my offender. He lost interest and it didn't happen. He was angry but he released his grip enough for me to get away.

I read an article that recommends:
1. Be prepared
2. Always have an exit plan
3. Set boundaries and stick to them

Additionally I found it is helpful to:
1. Recognize peer pressure
2. Recognize signs of abuse
3. Recognize bullying
4. Know when to walk away.
5. Value yourself

Many assume that if they expose the attack, no one will believe them. While some won't, some will. Wade through the sea of contacts and find those who understand. Rape is so prevalent that many know more than we may realize.

Would I expose? Yes. I did.