This issue about persons who dismiss offensive acts by minimizing it's severity are showing their characters are not about caring or even empathizing. Rather it shows a selfish and entitled attitude.

Many sexual abuse cases take years to be brought to authorities if at all for all genders.

There are really multiple issues here that I see in 2 time categories. The actions of this person as a minor and adult.

What he did as a minor was wrong. What he did as a college student (aka: adult) is wrong. According to the law it can also be criminal. It's not a matter of if it should be criminal or not because that is determined by the laws of where it occurred.

Morally, each can have their own opinion, most of us do.

What stands out is not just what happened in the past but how remnants of that entitled attitude has morphed into other aspects of his life. The entitled shows by associating with persons who will turn a blind eye to misconduct, that being encourage to demean and be disrespectful to others is not a way to render judgement.

So may that cause one to question his current ability to judge? It could. For some it does.

Another thing, if those in denial believe that God knows all, why lie and be rewarded with job that requires honesty as a basic job requirement? Hm........

So it isn't just about his past and it has been carefully carried and nurtured into a more sophisticated methods of entitlement and arrogance, that would be a reason to consider these charges.

You know that description about putting one's hand over the mouth of another to keep it quiet, is disturbing. That act alone is terrifying. Combine that with sexual assault would be a memory one can't completely forget, though one may try.

There is a means to get these testimonies done. Yet words requesting fairness is blocked by actions that show otherwise. Was that mean to deflect?

Know any other situations that have a similar pattern on small or larger venues?