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I told my husband this and he asked how that made me feel, and I said Grabby. It makes me want to grab whatever I can right now. NOW. As far as I can tell there is never any accountability for bad behavior. Our President positively rolls in this new ethical construct.

I went from the moral construct of the Abrahamic religious traditions to "I have no idea what guides me" in 3.2 seconds.

I'm so sorry about your Father frown

Your moral construct is not solely based on the Abrahamic religious tradition. If it was you'd be ok with owning slaves and stoning errant children. Your moral construct is based on a secular morality evolved by our society over thousands of years to make living together more pleasant, and do the least harm possible to each other. Losing the certainty of a happy afterlife is jarring but you're absolutely right that it makes you hungry to live THIS life to the full, and grab every second of it and cling it to your bosom til you're done. In return you lose the dogma that tells you what to think, who to love, who to hate. If you ask non-believers how they feel once they have lost the shackles of their religion, they'll sum it up in one word.



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