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Mmmmmm, sounds like my sort of pastime.

I'd certainly agree about Jackson Brown - as an aside, I saw him live in June. He didn't play "Running on Empty" but did a magnificent version of "The Pretender"

And for me, the quintessential Eagles song is "Take it Easy"

It's an interesting one because signature song isn't the best known piece and it can be difficult to move past that.

So, a few thoughts having flicked through my Spotify playlist

Leonard Cohen - Alexandra Leaving
Neil Diamond - Play Me
U2 - With or without you

I'm off for a walk with my playlist - might be back later

BTW, lovely to see you back LG, hope all's good with you and yours


I'll give you Cohen and U2 but Neil Diamond? Sweet Caroline!

Any thoughts on Simon & Garfunkle?

Bidden or not bidden God is present.