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Some couples lean TOWARDS each other when the devastation hits some go inward. It's not a guarantee that those who go inward will end up divorced, but the ones that lean TOWARDS each other almost never do. A big problem is when one member tries to lean towards and the other one turns inward. That's almost 100% divorce territory, unless some kind of huge professional intervention saves them.

Thing is, you don't really know what you'll do in the fire, until the fire comes. And past kitchen fire experiences don't necessarily tell you what you'll do when the whole house goes up in a huge blaze. And one giant fire might change the way you handle the next, I don't know, I'm not sure about that one. I am a turn inward kind of girl, that's what I did before. But over the last few years I'm learning more and more to lean on others... so maybe it's not set in stone.


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