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I'm so grateful to you all I don't know what to say.

I can say with certainty that I will never consider suicide again or suggest in any way that is a viable option for me.

I know in a way I couldn't have ever before the absolute hell that follows for everyone else.

I feel like God threw me off of my path of making sure *I* did everything *I* could to ensure that Trump is either impeached or has no hope of having a second term, and, in particular, the AHCA.

I need not tell you what and how I think about the AHCA.

I thought that was my calling -- my purpose -- and then John died and Mike tried to die and I find I don't much care. If the idiot voters of this country want to give it away to an evil, narcisstic wanta-be king who am I to stop them?

And why do I even care? I won't have health insurance but so what? Why am I so entitled? Lots of places in the world doesn't have meaningful access to health care much less insurance against health crisis.

It doesn't matter how strongly I feel or how crappy the Republicans are going to be for my life because I don't have the one thing everyone in politics needs:\\\$$$

I have felt that shift of purpose---of existence even--it is an amazing feeling to have such a burden lifted. I am glad for you LG......so sorry for the loss you are feeling,,but happy yo can let go of the other.

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