Well, we are moving to Houston. The reason we are moving to Houston is that I don't like living in the mountains and my husband LOVES it and he won't sell this house so he has to go back to work which he seriously does not want to do -- SERIOUSLY.

So, the way I look at it is that is he is willing to go back to work to save this house, and how guilty am I meant to feel that I don't want to live here?


But I'm a city girl. I've always, my whole life, lived in a city with grocery stores and restaurants and stores and all. I tried living in the mountains -- it is snowing like mad as I speak -- and I hate it. I have no family here and my friends are all seasonal or imported. I thought I would see my kids who live in Denver more -- WRONG. They have their own lives and almost never come up here.


My brother -- my best friend -- had a car accident on Sunday and is in the ICU. My sister in law (whom I ADORE) has asked me to come. I MUST go tomorrow but my husband says I'm overreacting and my decisions are too impulsive and irrational. He said I decide these thing on the fly -- the only trip I have ever taken on the fly was when John killed himself and I went the actual next morning.

Was that wrong?

Are my decisions really too impulsive and on the fly or am I doing the right thing?

I wish he had said of course you have to go -- what can I do to help?

I'm so confused. SO CONFUSED.

It would have been nice to have been sent out the door with his support but instead I get his anger.

I'm still going.

Bidden or not bidden God is present.