LG is most certainly NOT alone in this trek.

I'm a 50 year old plethora of pre-existing conditions, and my husband is 60 and just had a MAJOR heart surgery this year, in addition to being disabled due to a back injury that required multiple surgeries, having degenerative joint disease, and several others.

Getting insurance to cover us? That we can afford on my salary? It seems like a pipe dream now. These changes mean that I'll never be able to make a career decision based on anything other than insurance. Not based on where we want to live, or career advance opportunity, or how I'll fit to the job, but just based on whether or not the insurance package is good for us. And that upsets me a great deal.

When we open to this moment and don't judge it or try to change it, even when we're suffering and wish it were otherwise, we tap into the spaciousness of mind that allows us to move forward skillfully, with discernment and joy. -- Sharon Salzberg