I hear you. I'm suppose to turn 60 this year. Can I reverse that? Probably not.

That being a given, I get to pay more for my required insurance? Really, how many in our age group don't have a pre-existing condition?

This should never be about who deserves healthcare. We all deserve healthcare.

Now the part of healthcare that can be up to option, is single patient room or shared? Options that can be provided at cost. But basic essential healthcare covers what we all need.

Not sure if wax in some congressmen's ears is a problem and they need to go see their proctologist to get a thorough clean-out (from one end to the other) but there is definitely clogged up over there. I find it appalling how well some of them can just lie without blinking. How much practice did they need to have or are they just that good at it?

LG, you are not alone in this trek. hug