Another option is the hire a home nursing system. They come in shifts. It is expensive.

Do your parents have a long term care policy insurance policy? I know my uncle worked for the post office and didn't know he had a policy which allowed them to use it for my aunti when she could no longer live in their home (with stairs - she had the type of parkinson's where she couldn't walk.

If they are on a limited income, does your state or county have any programs for the elderly?

Take a look at: A Place for Mom

......or other facilities that can help.

I called a facility where MIL lived when she had her heart attack. I shared that contact info with 2 of her sons, in case it is needed later on.

This is hard and the family does better when all can pull together on this. It also helps when the parents are cooperative. When it isn't ideal, the focus still needs to be the same.