Does your father know and remember that he falls?

My dad was 93 and still very sharp about everything, but couldn't seem to remember or admit that he kept falling.

It was a nightmare. I went to Seattle to help my mother and stayed 8 months. It was a 24 hour a day job to keep my father from falling. Luckily, I slept in the basement and the floors were creaky so I was able to wake up when I heard dad wandering around.

We tried everything, telling him to call for assistance, tying a string and bell across his doorway with a note to remind him not to walk around. Nothing worked except watching him 24 hours a day.

Dad never fell while I was there, except twice. Once I was out doing the grocery shopping early in the morning, dad fell and called 911. My mother didn't hear him fall, but woke up when the Fire Department kicked in the front door. The other time I was at a dentist appointment.

Good luck.

"I feel sad that I focused so much on his potential and so little on mine."