I need some help.

My dad's health has continued to deteriorate -- the time between falls gets ever shorter which is a very bad omen.

As an aside here, when Ruth Bader Ginsberg was asked what exercises she did, she replied "the ones that let you get on and off the toilet because that's the difference between dependence and independence" so next time you are groaning through your squats and lunges remember that and smile 'cuz that ain't ever going to happen to you.

He's currently in cardiac rehab and will be for another week.

His doctors have said he can either go home to 24/7 care ($3500/week) or move into assisted living.

Mother doesn't want to do either of those things, is shocked and surprised at this outcome even though we have been telling them for years, and is ANGRY.

I'm going down there next Wednesday, originally for my dad's 90th but now to give my sister some much needed help.

I am committed to staying until things are stable or I shoot myself. My guess is it will be a month.

I guess I have to stay with my mother. I could stay with my sister for a while, but that feels awkward.

I'm not doing this for my parents. I'm doing it for my sister.

Any ideas on how to get stubborn parents out of a house full of stairs?

Any ideas on how I'm going to keep my sanity?

I learned something interesting from my brother when my dad had the fall where I got to clean up his crap. When there is an emergency, walk don't run. You will appear to be calm and in control which will cause the victim's blood pressure to go down.

So the next time my dad fell, I walked into his room, explained that I understood the situation, and went to get more help, all the while thinking I can't believe I have to keep seeing my dad's wee wee.

Bidden or not bidden God is present.