Just because this president was elected does not mean I have to lower my moral code or belief simply for the sake of harmony for the next four years. Yes, I know ALL politicians lie - but on some fake 5th dimension the truth matters, rule of law matters.

Many liberals, TRIED to give this administration a chance, but from the onset the cabinet appointments were worse than the "worst case scenario" predicted! To some it's a meme war or cliché battle for giggles. For the people I care about - it's a matter of life and death or daily survival. {threat of Federal School Lunch program being discontinued will really hurt some kids I know. Kids I see everyday.}

Me: 50
XH: 13 - well, does emotional age count?
DD1: 24
DD2: 20
30 year partnership...

M: Dec, 1987
Bomb: May 12, 2014
D: Oct, 2015
I am learning how to surf!