So our car insurance is set to cancel today unless I/we come up with the remaining $$$ for the year.

I've been waiting for him to collect $$$ owed him for helping out on a painting/carpentry project. Some of the $$$ are outstanding from May.

It's worth about $2K

But..says he: "X is my friend and I understand money is tight for them right now. He's good for the money."

So today I told him unless we have XYZ dollars, we will be uninsured tomorrow.

That turned into a litany of "how do things get like this. I don't understand what's happened. Everywhere I turn, the answer is no. I'll never work in the job that I want again. My heart is in pieces. I've lost you. I've lost all my friends. I've lost everything. I dragged you out of Seattle. It's my fault we lost the house. You live in this house you hate with the kitchen you hate and even though you don't say anything you make it clear. I don't know what else to do. My heart is broken."

Rinse and repeat.

It was all about him.

At one point he said, "I could shower you with diamonds, roses, chocolates, get down on my hands and knees and it wouldn't make a difference."

And I said "I don't want diamonds and roses etc. I want a partner in life with whom I can share deep intimate, emotional feelings. Someone who has my back...emotionally, financially..with the family. Someone who respects me. Someone who listens to me."

He interrupted this with "I listen to you. YOu don't realize that I listen and hear everything you say. But you stopped listening to me a long time ago."

And back into the litany...see above paragraph.

At that point, I just stopped saying anything. Sat here and listened. When he was done, I said "we need to figure out the car insurance today."

Oops. That got him royally ticked off. Said I wasn't listening to him again.

At one point he also threw in there that I will never let him live down the A..he will continue to pay for it over and why bother trying? Or something like that.

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