BTW, I forgot to include what he said when he interrupted me. I think it's significant.

I was talking about how we were living day to day, not really communicating our underlying, more intimate feelings about things and I was going to go on to say I don't like or want to live that way, when he interrupted and said "you have no idea just HOW much I don't tell you"

He does this often. When I say I feel terrible about not being able to open up to him, he says "you have no idea HOW much I don't tell you anymore"

When I say I'm sad, upset, lonely, scared, etc., he says "You have no idea how much MORE sad, depressed, lonely, etc., I am than you"

Like I said, it's all a scoreboard!

But I decided a while back that the only scoreboard I will keep is my own. So I focus on that. If he wants to win the "I am more depressed, sad, lonely, etc." than me contest, he's going to have to participate in that one on his own. I'm not playing.

Thinking about that helped me get the conversation right back on track. Well, it wasn't really a conversation, since I was doing all the talking, but you know what I mean!