OH, have you ever heard about how AAs originally did step 4, and many folks, both AA an Alanon, still do today? Step 4 being done from a resentments list. http://fellowship12.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=51:stepfourcat&id=136:alcoholics-anonymous-resentment-1&Itemid=57 There are more links at the bottom, that go into more detail.

You are doing great at identifying the things that feel out of place for you, the things you don't like, and this is column one. Would you be willing to go further with me here, or find someone IRL you trust? The other columns are (2) where you identify the person doing the thing you resent, (3) identify your response, and (4) ask your HP what you were to learn from this, and take your answer and check it with Him again.

OH, you are already doing to major work, the typing up the whole thing. The other parts are much easier, and I think will help you reset, to understand that in these everyday things, your HP is reaching out to you, helping you find serenity.

What do you think?

Just as an example, for this resentment from this morning, Column 2, the person responsible, is your H, column 3, your reaction, sounds to me like sharing your O&H, keeping an open mind, letting go of the response. Am I close? What do you think column 4, what your HP wants you to learn from this, is?

If you don't want to do this exercise, OH, I totally understand. If you do give it a shot, whether here or on paper at home, the idea is that you will feel a reset, a shot of serenity.


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