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Your H is not as stubborn as mine though. If I'd said PLEASE stop talking like that...he would have said "I'll talk how I want, what's your problem?" Sometimes I think if he would respond like your husband did...just to stop, instead of projecting the anger back to me and trying to make it my problem..well maybe I could deal with it, in that case.

I haven't brought up moving out per se..I just haven't brought up *anything*. The ensuing arguments are just not worth it!

I know what you mean. But, this constant verbal abuse he's subjecting you and the kids to is going to wear on all of you.

I hate to say it, but there's no way out of situations like ours without hurting someone. Maybe everyone, but it's like in medicine when sometimes you have to cause hurt in order to make things ultimately better.

I think the question you should ask yourself is do you want to rip the bandaid off quick, or make it slow and painful for a long time?

It's amazing to me how much harder STBX worked on finding a job once I threw SD out of the house and he got the divorce paperwork in the mail.

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