We are still so much alike. Just the other day I caught myself thinking 'ok, that's it, I'm back to not speaking to him again, and he'll never even notice.' I've been having creepy dreams about him, too. Maybe I'm starting to figure out in my head how sick our relationship is, which I've been avoiding all these years. I have, though, become more vocal about his negativity. The other night, in the car, it was like one comment after another - the Mexicans, the stupid people, the government, the this, the that...all about how they are screwing him over...probably 10 comments in 10 minutes. And I finally just blurted out 'Can you PLEASE stop talking like that? The world is not out to get you!' And he shut up. I'll have to try it some more, if just to get him to stop talking negative to me.

No, what I really should be doing is saying 'If you keep saying those things out loud, I'm going to end up moving out.' Still too chicken to bring that up again. You're braver than me.