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He thinks I should just move on already from the EA. I told him I can forgive that, but I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive the dishonesty of leaving out such important info re: their previous relationship. I honestly don't think I would have married him had I known he was still carrying some sort of torch.

OH, it almost seems like the crux of the issue is that you were a victim of bait-and-switch. You thought you were getting one thing, only to find out down the road that the real "purchase" wasn't as nice and sparkly as it appeared in the glossy brochures and fancy ads.

And HE does nothing to alleviate your buyer's remorse. Would it make a difference? I'm not so sure...

What about if he got a job and started making significant domestic contributions? Might help, but I don't think it would ultimately get you want you want.

Why? Because this isn't what you signed up for. And you want what was illustrated in the glossy brochure and anything less will always be nothing but LESS.

I'm not sayin' it's good or bad, but just reality. I used to think the work thing was the heart of the matter, but I'm starting to reevaluate after reading your comments.

Just picture 'The Thinker' by Rodin. That's me right now. Just fully clothed......