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I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive the dishonesty of leaving out such important info re: their previous relationship

And there it is. I don't blame you for this...it is, at least , honest.

THIS is the heart of the issue. It doesn't matter one bit if he gets a job or not. You can't forgive him and resent him for tricking you into marriage. I GET that.

So, put aside all this other silliness and be honest. You are divorcing him because you can't forgive his infidelity. THAT I can understand.

I believe that this has been the biggest contributor in your struggles.
OH, I lived with this type of gaslighting for only 4 months which made me crazy and it felt like 4 yrs.
I understand how this kind of unfinished business, eats away from the inside out.

5 yrs. is a very long time to not have the answers that you need.


26 yrs. married
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