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Was he a patient of hers? If not, I would put little faith in the diagnosis.

OH, one thing to consider. When you decide if YOU want to be married to this man (which you have been on the fence about), I believe that you will start acting towards that end. Your actions ot date have followed your feelings.

OH, did he have an affair? I believe we discussed this on FB...but can't recall.

Yes. I mentioned that in my post. She did treat him for a time.

Yes, he had an EA with an old girlfriend in 2005/06. Worse, he had never revealed to me the true nature of his relationship with this person, (that they dated...TWICE and the second time was very serious), though I knew the rest of his romantic history. He had just portrayed her as a high school friend. It wasn't until the the A got busted open that all that came out. And the fact that she and he had kept in touch sporadically and never mentioned it to me. (I was able to confirm that claim...it was about 1-2x/year for 15 or so years, then nothing for the 4 years prior to the HS reunion)

He thinks I should just move on already from the EA. I told him I can forgive that, but I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive the dishonesty of leaving out such important info re: their previous relationship. I honestly don't think I would have married him had I known he was still carrying some sort of torch. As was she. She blew back into town the week before our wedding to ask him not to go through with it. (unknown to me) She had been married 4 years by this point.