Ok, this is just a vent. I'm posting it here so I don't go screaming out my front door.

Him: Do you know XYZ? I think they live on such-and-such a street.

ME: No, name does not sound familiar.

HIM; You sure? XYZ, think they live on such-and-such.

ME: No, why.

HIM: No answer

ME: Why?

HIM: I got an email from him, something about a basement remodel. (gets up to look in phone book). Yes, XYZ and his wife ABC on such-and-such.

ME: No, I don't know them.

HIM: I can't place where I know him from.

ME: Football?

HIM: Never mind.

HIM: Maybe it's the job networking group.

ME: And he wants you to look at his basement? That's cool.

Him: Never mind. Don't worry about it. All I wanted to know is if you knew them and you don't so drop it, ok?


So this effectively shuts me down. I can't even ask him why he wanted to know if I knew them (maybe he wanted to know if I'd passed along his name, but once I said I didn't know them, it didn't matter?) I just don't like getting shut down like that. If I say anything about it, it starts a fight.

Ok, I know I'm stuck in this horrible situation of my own making. And I know you all are waiting for me to "grow a pair" and do something about it.

I was just posting the above convo because I'm ready to scream at him and I don't want to do it...so I thought I'd vent it here.