Since he is a stay at home dad, it is very unlikely (unless he is a drunk) that the children would be moving out of the house. OH could also be on the hook for spousal support.

It is not as simple as her leaving and taking the kids.

These things need to be worked out ahead of time.

Cat, I don't know the guy to judge his motivations. I do know he is depressed and do know how that disease is frequently minimized.

BTW, I was thinking a much shorter time frame for her "boundary." I think 30 days would be more than enough.

Any takers on the sick woman? How would we respond to her??? How is this different? Is depression a lesser disease? I know that before I was trained, I would not have given it the weight it deserves.

Don't go shaking the [Bleep!] tree and expect an angel to fall out.

Liars lie and cheaters cheat...know it and don't be surprised. Protect yourself.