I moved this from the Marriage Builders Forums discussion. Gladstone was replying to a discussion about BH's and Plan A, and we got a bit off track. I left his reply to me there..he is welcome to move it...but I did move mine.

I'm intrigued, Gladstone. Not that any two different people will have the same reaction...but like your wife, I have stated for over two years now, that I am unhappy. I have said it out loud, which often resulted in an argument or a one-upmanship with him being MORE unhappy, or me being minimized (it even happened again last night as I was on the verge of a full-blown panic attack and his response was "you need to settle down..you can't do anything about this at 11 o'clock at night"), or when I take it to email, him becoming angry because he doesn't want to get the long, involved emails. Even the short and to-the-point emails made him angry.

So now, I'm just *this close* to saying "I am out of here".