I just discovered that my husband of three years together for four has been talking with other women online. he also was sending intamate emails with a few girls he works with and belongs to several websites looking for casual sex and a discreet relationship. It turns out that he has been doing this since before we got married and he hasnt fully been honest. He has only admitted to the stuff that i have proof for. He said he has never cheated on me physically but just through emails and such. Im hurt lost and angry. We have three kids together and he has three from a previous marriage. I have bent over backwards for him and all the kids. I treat every single one just like i gave birth to them. I thought we were happy untill a few months ago and now i have proof that no i guess we never where happy. we have a lot of stress in our life both military and our youngest son is terminally ill and our oldest daughter was doing everything in the world to make our lives hard. yet i stayed turn to the marriage and he didnt...well he never had been true to our marriage
now im left feeling all this pain looking for some support.