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07/13/20 02:40 PM
Originally Posted by Mark1952
The other reason, and the point of the name, was to tweak a few folks at the other place...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the update and reminders.....and the trigger!

No kidding, it took me awhile to figure out what that statement might have meant. Then when it hit me, I laughed out loud and had I been drinking coffee (which I don't drink) it would have been splattered all over my keyboard and screen.

I totally forgot----which is a good thing. And the fact that it's funny now is even better.

We'll chat about the alternatives to social connections you mentioned. I'm really intrigued.

Good to see you around here. Glad you posted on this vintage thread.

Again, thanks,
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Program, Forum & Book Reviews
07/13/20 06:01 AM
Congratulations again Acey on being recovered, the gift that keeps on giving!

The posters at MB recommended me to Al-Anon family groups soon after I got there. I didn’t save my first marriage but I found an amazing fellowship that saw me through all the trials since then. In addition to being part of the community here I’ve stayed at MB too, and called the MB radio show and got advice shortly before calling it quits the second time.
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Troubled Marriage
07/12/20 10:55 PM
LW, you are a good Ambassador of empathy, patience, and hope. Your post was a good reminder of perspective.
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Peer Counseling
07/12/20 08:39 PM
Lots of popsicles smile
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Blogging Central
07/11/20 02:00 AM
Originally Posted by Squeaky Tree
Congratulations xx

Hey, ST. Look what I found!

You apparently kinda killed my thread with kindness when you congratulated me for forgetting about an anti-versary over 4 years ago......and I've done it again. I think D-Day 2 and 3 were in July of 2006 but I actually canNOT remember.

Blair said she would post on a thread similar to MB's Idiotville but we have to come up with a different name and concept. The idea would be to have a safe place for returning members to land....check in, hang out, get re-acquainted....and maybe help out if needed.

Any ideas? We could call it the Navel Gazer Gazette, I guess.

Would it be best to put it on the Blog Forum or Other Topics, or --- like on MB, in the midst of the infidelity forum?

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<<<MAgnify>>> Your Marriage
07/10/20 09:55 PM
Originally Posted by Squeaky Tree

I'm with you - if I'm working hard in a tricky situation or if I'm ill then I reward myself with food treats.

It times of extreme anxiety and stress - when I feel powerless, I stop eating, lose appetite.

Hey, ST,

You and I are still here so I quoted you from nearly 10 years ago to bump this thread.

Someone was reading it so, again, it's time to RISE UP!


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Other Topics
07/09/20 06:48 AM
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Other Topics
07/09/20 06:44 AM
Originally Posted by NewEveryDay
This year it could be a zoom one smile

You mentioned Zoom on another thread, Ned.

I think that's a great idea. clapping
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Construction Zone
07/09/20 12:33 AM
Originally Posted by LivingWell
I think 36 but not sure.

That generation ---- and all ages, actually ---- but especially the 30 somethings seem to gravitate to the story. Possibly that's because the guy who wrote it is about the same age. He just turned 40 in January 2020 and includes many pop-culture events in his social media presence that may be nostalgic for them.

Or not. dunno
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Other Topics
07/09/20 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by Ace
Someone was reading this thread today so I thought I'd bump it just for fun.

This made me think of the fun thread on MB's Infidelity Forum called "Idiotville." Anyone remember that thread? I always thought that name was waaaay out of place on the Infidelity Forum. I think I even challenged its placement once. The answer made some sense: "it's still on that forum to draw back old posters who may initially stop by to say 'Hi' but then feel like helping a new poster or two."

To think I blasted the idea of Idiotville on the Infidelity Forum way back when.

Maybe we need another Idiotville to draw folks back in spite of the faux "Security Warning" on our forum's front page.

Again, someone was reading this today so it's time to RISE UP!!!!

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Other Topics
07/08/20 03:41 PM
Acey, Can you find my thread in the carport and bump it for me? It's so old I can't find it......
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Blogging Central
07/08/20 12:21 AM
Wow Squeaks that is an amazing way to give back!
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The Turning Point
07/07/20 05:22 PM
I’ll see if I can fix the invisible thing.

I don’t have a dishwasher so size isn’t an issue for me, lol. I have an Instant Pot and then got the air fryer lid that goes with it. It’s great for one or two people but would be too small to air fry for a whole family.

I made tortilla chips yesterday to go with salsa. Was super easy... spritz a bit of olive oil and spread with a brush, pile them up and cut into wedges. Salt and use seasoning however you want (I forgot for the first batch). Air fry at 350 for about 6 minutes, turning halfway through.

But the salsa had gone bad even though the best by date hadn’t gone by yet. Grrrrrr lol
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