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Blogging Central
11/12/19 03:31 AM
Originally Posted by whatsupdoc?
And French Macrons, batches and batches of failed merengue lavender cookies. Sooner or later I will get it right.

You baked France's President??!?!! LOL!!! Just kidding.

So the kids have moved in their house already? They have a good view of the ocean?

Glad the CL on that island worked for you. Can get some read good deals. Just have to be careful. Your son-in-law is handsome and tough looking enough to make sure your daughter won't get ripped off. Any trouble, let me know. I know people who know people over there. lol

Be careful and don't get sick. I see a bad cold front is coming your way if not there already. Makes you want to come back here, eh? We've got snow but only far at the top of Mauna Kea.

Take care,
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Infidelity and Abandonment
11/09/19 12:28 AM
Great advice. When one door closes another opens you just have to walk through it.
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Blogging Central
11/08/19 07:12 PM
Sounds great, Lil! Where's the cruise? I leave next week to go to Norway on the Queen Victoria with my sister!
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Blogging Central
11/04/19 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by LadyGrey
I’m limited in my replies because I can only access the site through my phones history — otherwise google tells me it’s an unsafe site and won’t open it. I’m assuming everyone has this issue.
There is evidently an issue with the site certificate that can only be resolved by our tech goddess AR. In the meantime, however, don't be scared off by dire chicken-little-esque browser warnings. If you see and "Advanced" button in your browser, click on that - you should see another page with more dire warnings - and a link at the bottom that says something like "Proceed to marriageadvocates.com (unsafe)". It lies - proceeding to marriageadvocates.com is quite safe (i.e. don't believe everything you read on the internet!).

I don't have any advice or suggestions - although I did just finish reading a book that you might find interesting. It's called "The Five Invitations" by Frank Ostaseski.
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Turtle's Whiteboard
11/01/19 12:48 AM
Hi Al, if you are still around I’d like to have a conversation about death and how that process can be understood and even be a healing process for the person dying and their loved ones.

I suspect that of all the things the lizard hates, death is #1 on the list.
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Troubled Marriage
10/30/19 05:30 PM
TC: My only goal is to stay married "until death do us part". The only thing I am trying to get from this marriage is for it to continue. So if my behavior buys me more time married to her, then it achieved its objective.

We are long past the time when I gave up trying to influence whether it would be good or bad, happy or sad. Let's stay together is my mantra.

So much easier for me to act in a loving manner when I don't care about the immediate or short-term reaction. Back when I was trying to please her in order to get my needs met, nothing I did pleased her. Now that I am being pleasant with no thought of my own needs (or with the clear thought that my needs will never be met}, much that I do pleases her. Give for the sake of giving or "giving is its own reward" appears to be work in my case. And of course I get the perverse reward that I have managed to keep her married to me far longer than I imagined was possible back when we stopped MC.
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Blogging Central
10/30/19 01:46 PM
Where she lives there's a 211 service to direct to emergency housing but we've heard mixed stories because being housed with mentally ill folks, they can have angry outbursts so she feels safer in her car. My other family has housing so the kids are on regular schedule with school and all thankfully because previous breakups they were not focused on stability more on making a point. Previously one brother took the kids from their Mom and now they have more stable approach.
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Infidelity and Abandonment
10/30/19 05:12 AM
How's it going Sam?
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Blogging Central
10/28/19 09:55 PM
So glad that so many pieces are falling into place for you. I am sure that your doing well and the boys doing well has soothed parts of yourself that were very anxious in the past. No way to end that undercurrent of anxiety except by getting to the point where the feared catastrophes don't all arrive at once. Wonderful to read that you are getting there.
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Other Topics
10/21/19 11:00 PM

Reading this article: Tornado slams Dallas, 4 killed in Arkansas & Oklahoma

Checking in with the MA ohana. Please let us know how you are doing.

Take care,
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Other Topics
10/15/19 04:21 AM
I just viewed this article about a man from Ireland who recently died. While it was very sad to lose one's loving parent, this father made sure his family and friends remembered with a touch of humor,

NOTE: Language is a bit crass but look past that hope you find something thoughtful here. wink

Shaly Bradley's farewell.
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